Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Securing Your Door and Windows

Locksmith Spokane heavy duty strike plate
The common problem with low grade locks for residential properties is the fact that an intruder would not have much of an issue kicking a front door of a home that is equipped with such a lock. That is why making sure to use mid to high grade level locks is very important for your security and an additional deadbolt lock as well. However, aside from high quality locks, it is recommended to add and additional security features or components to re-enforce the security of your home.

A Heavy duty strike plate would be a good way to start as it would help adding strength to the door frame. Strike plates are often overlooked as most of the time people consider them as a decorative piece and normally can be found made out of a cheap material. The purpose of a strike plate is to help re-enforcing the part of the door frame that meets the lock as most of the times the door and frame are made from wood. However, a cheap material strike plate will present a weak link in the security of the door. That is why going with a heavy duty solid metal or brass strike plate is very important. It will add the strength required to the door jamb which in turn will help withstand abuse.

Locksmith Spokane window lock
Securing the windows around your home is the second step to take toward properly securing your home. Windows consider to be a weak link in the security of a home especially if they are not equipped with some sort of a locking mechanism. Many people especially during the summer tend to leave their windows open to get some cool air. However, this may put your home at risk by providing an easy opportunity for intruders to break into your home during the night. In order to prevent such situation, we recommend adding special windows locks that will allow you to lock and secure the windows in certain positions where you can still enjoy some cool air during the night without worrying of someone being able to break into your home.

For more information about what you can do to re-enforce the security of your home, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.

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