Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Commercial Lock Grade Levels

Locksmith Spokane Grade 3 lock
Making sure your office or small business property is secure should be a top priority. The only way to really do it properly is to inspect the grade level on the locks that protect your office or small business. In the market, there are 3 grade levels that are assigned to each lock. starting with the lower grade #3 would mean the lock has been tested to the lowest quality materials and construction while #1 and #2 grades will provide higher quality. In order to even be assigned a grade, a lock will go a series of tests which mainly check its ability to lock and unlock for a number of times without any failure as well as the ability to withstand abuse in a break-in attempt.

Starting with the lowest grade, #3 level locks will have the least amount of strength and quality acceptable in the market all over the country. As mentioned before, this type of lower grade lock will go through a series of tests to see how much it could take before failing which will include resistance and proper operation. To qualify for a grade 3 level, a lock will have to pass 200,000 times of testing the locking mechanism and should hold at least 120/225 lbs. of resistance. These types of locks would normally be categorize for interior use in the form of lever sets and knobs.

Grade level #2 locks are a major improvement over grade #3. They are much stronger and can be found widely in the market for commercial property use. Grade #2 locks are normally tested to endure at least twice as much a grade level #3 lock can which means that they can handle at least 400,000 of operating cycles and 150 lbs. of resistance for knobs and 3 times more for lever sets. Because of extreme measures of testing grade level #2 locks are being tested for, they can withstand picking and break-in attempts with confident.  

Locksmith Spokane Grade 1 lever set lock
For the ultimate security, grade level #1 locks are the perfect solution. The testing that these types of locks have to pass are even double than grade level #2 locks where 800,000 successful operation cycles would be required as well as resisting 300 lbs. for knobs and double than that for lever sets in order to be categorized as grade #1. These types of locks would normally be perfect for high traffic environments where the locks or lever sets are being used constantly throughout the day.

For more information about the grade levels for commercial type locks, contact NorthWest Locksmith Spokane.

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