Thursday, August 28, 2014

About Transponder Keys

Like many other locksmith technicians that have enough experience under their belt, I found that most people who have a vehicle equipped with a transponder key base system, do understand or know what it is that they have. Usually I try my best to explain them and even show them. I keep one of those clear-headed Ford keys with the visible capsule always with me in my service vehicle. When I present the key to the customer and explain about it, I'll point out the windings and explain it is a little antenna, and that a two-way communication takes place between the car's computer and the key in order to determine that the correct key is being used.

When the customer see the key and hear my explanation, they understand better. I usually do that to the customers even when they don't ask, or whether or not I am even working on their car. The subject just seems to come up from now and then. Keeping one of these keys handy is a little thing that I do to try to educate the customers. It seems those who do know that they have that "special key", most of the time been told that they can only get that particular key at the dealer. Check out the following company link if you ever need a transponder key made in Spokane area.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Toyota Camry Ignition

According to the locksmith company who sent me the job, the ignition on a 2000 Camry was changed and it didn't match the rest of the car. The owner refused to let me remove the steering wheel so I could get my face close enough to read the wafers on the in–dash lock and no amount of picking worked. With the steering wheel in the way, drilling was not possible because of the angle, and impressioning broke two keys.

What finally worked beyond my expectations, was attacking the retainer with a Dremmel #193 end mill (A #194 may have worked better, but all I had was the #193). Since I did not allow the bit to cool off, the end mill bit eventually melted the tip, but not before drilling a bull’s-eye down the center of the retainer. I finished it off with a grinding stone total of actual drilling time, less than two minutes and the ignition slipped right out

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oldsmobile Aurora Ignition Tip

The following ignition tip is applicable for the 1995-2000 Oldsmobile Aurora. If at any time a locksmith company is need to originate an ignition key for this vehicle and the customer has a working door key, the job will be much easier. The bittings for the door key are the same for the ignition key. The door key is usually cut on a B85 GM10 cut blank, and the ignition is cut on a GM 10 cut VATS blank.

This vehicle was intended to be a one way fit all. At least, that's what some GM technicians claims. It seems GM ran into a problem running the VATS key to work in the door of these vehicles. The pellet on the side of the key interfered with the insertion of the key into the door lock. So, GM used two different keys, but kept the bittings the same on both. This process may work on 1995-99 Buick Riviera and 1997-99 Buick Century and Regal.