Friday, February 3, 2017

Residential Door Locks

Residential Door Locks Spokane Locksmith
All of the door locks that lead into your home are extremely important. The front doors are the most common way that a thief attempts to enter residences, according to recent burglary statistics. 3 out of 10 burglaries occur when someone is inside the premises of the home. So check to secure your residential door locks even during the times that you are home!

To ensure that the door locks in which burglars will attempt at manipulating are up to par to prevent their success, you may call upon a locksmith Spokane to install strong and secure locking mechanisms to your home’s entrances. Another option is to choose a lock based on the lock’s ANSI rating and then have a locksmith Spokane order it as well as install it correctly for you. An ANSI rating is a score of the overall quality of a door lock that is typically categorized with grades from one up to three. Grade one will be the best quality lock that one can buy in terms of construction and integrity. Grade three locks are actually the most common type of residential door lock, but for homeowners who want the highest possible level of security, it is advised that for optimal property protection, every lock around the perimeter should be a grade one.

Not only is a door lock’s ANSI rating important, it is necessary to also have the right type of hardware installed on your door for your residential property to be truly safe. Oftentimes a residential door lock is armed with an easily breakable and penetrable locking mechanism called a spring bolt lock. Instead of using a spring bolt lock, it is recommended that a residential door lock have a deadbolt properly installed for ideal security. The only reason spring bolt locks are so often utilized is because they are cheap to purchase and very simple to install. A deadbolt lock usually is installed along with a handleset. A handleset features a decorative door handle. If you really care about your property, family and valuables, please consider having a deadbolt installed to prevent any type of burglar from breaking your residential door lock and gaining entry to your home.

Locksmith Spokane Residential Door Locks
To increase the security of your door locks and doorways, plan on installing a strike plate that possesses screws about 3 inches long. The strike plate will add security against harsh force, such as a door being kicked in. It is also possible to purchase a door jamb reinforcement kit that will fit into existing your door’s jamb and this will further strengthen your home’s entrance against a forced entry. A residential locksmith will be able to install your residential door locks properly in order to make them as effective against a break-in as possible.