Monday, October 13, 2014

Transponder Blank Tip

Some things any locksmith should know about transponder keys. When you are looking to get blanks for automotive key making, know that the prices range between $5 to $60 in the aftermarket. Because of the growing market, what makes it even worse is that a $5 blank key can and may seem like a $60 key, but surely enough they will not be compatible. So, a scenario where you will waste $60 on cutting the wrong blank can happen. The result would be wasting an expensive blank because of the idea it might work, but it didn't.

What complicates the issue is the fact that several blank and vehicle changes could happen before the information on which key to use on which car filters down to us. So when comes the time to make a key and you're not sure about which key to use and want to avoid wasting an expensive transponder blank, try the following:

1.Stick your mechanical key in the ignition.
2.Get your programming tool ready.
3.let the transponder blank you're not sure about, and place it next to the bow of the mechanical key. Remember to keep it there.
4.Attempt to program vehicle.

If the vehicle programs will duplicate the cuts to the transponder key, the job is done. If it doesn't work, you'll know you are using the wrong blank. However, it will prevent you from wasting and cutting the wrong blank. Now You can go to the next possible match transponder blank on your list. This method will also help you to determine which blanks are compatible with the different cars.
This method is a good practice to use when you can't determine which blank to use and you can't find the information anywhere on the instruction manual.

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