Friday, October 3, 2014

Lock Picking Tips

One of the most popular technique used by locksmith to open a lock is picking. If a Control Key is not available, the best way to remove a core would be to pick the lock open. Remember that in a 1- core lock there are 2 shear-lines. The lock must be picked at the Control Shear-line to efficiently remove the core. This presents the problem of how to exert pressure on the Control Lug while picking the lock. Since the turning pressure must be applied to the Sleeve only, a special turning tool must be used. This tool will catch the Sleeve through the 7 or 6 small holes at the bottom of the Sleeve and prevents the Operating Shear-line from being activated and the Plug turned.

It is important to remember that picking a core at its Control Shear-line means that the Top Pins will remain at the top of the shear-line, in the upper Shell and the Control Pins will be inside the Sleeve, flush with the top. Understanding the architecture of the core will show to the locksmith technician that the pin stack needs to be raised only a very slight distance to place the pins flush at the Control Shear-line. This can be displayed by a Coded 9-cut in a Control Key. That specific pin stack will already be at the Control Shear-line. Each cut of a lesser degree followed, will only change .0125 of an inch from the Control Shear-line if in an A2 System. It is recommended to use very small picks that will accommodate 1-core locks. When removing a core from a mortise lock, pay attention that some mortises may contain a small set screw that most likely be holding the core in place.

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