Friday, September 26, 2014

Good Locksmith Business Practices

As a locksmith technician, it is always important to be prepared with a complete set of working tools and supplies in your service van, so you are ready to go when a job comes in. The basic difference in your planning for part or full time locksmith operation involves the outside, or on-the-site, work. Practicing being a locksmith only part-time, you can't expect to build a proper income without taking jobs that require you driving around town and sometimes even a little further, or by taking those jobs that fit into your free time. Once you get into it full time, you will have to do all those things.

As you develop a steady incoming outside work, you will want to make some arrangements to take care of the drop-in customer when you are not in the shop. You can train a helper to operate the Key Machine and to make keys while customers are coming into your store for them. Be sure to train the helper properly, so he would know exactly what the customer wishes done and write down everything to when you return and be able to fulfill the customer's needs.

If you do not get a helper and you must leave the shop because you
got called on a job, make sure you will leave a sign showing when you will return. If you work out such a system such as leaving a sign showing when you will return, or telling the customer how to deposit instructions for work he needs to get done, it might save you a lot of business that otherwise can be lost or worse, go to the competition.

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