Friday, September 5, 2014

Door Lock Service

A fellow locksmith technician sent me a job recently to make a key for a 1989 LeMan's lock. I had some experience with those locks before. As I experienced before, the wafers were severely corroded from non-use and no lubrication, and were stuck tightly in their chambers. My solution to the problem is to saturate the plug and wafers with WD-40 and after allowing it to work for a bit, I force the wafers out of the plug with a small screwdriver.

Sometimes, I would have to use a small hammer in order to accomplish this task. Once I have them all loosened sufficiently, I take one wafer at a time and rub them against an 8' Bastard Cut file. I hold the wafers of either side and gently rub them against the file until the corrosion is removed and the wafer is showing its original brass color!

After cleaning each wafer, I put them back in the plug and remove the next one and repeat the cleaning process. You have to be careful with the cleaned wafers, as they will now easily fall out of the chamber. Once it was finished and it was time to make the key, my TNL software gave me the three missing cuts without having to progression. Check out the following link for more info regarding similar locksmith services.

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