Friday, November 7, 2014

Ignition Roll Pin Tip

I used to complain a lot o one of the locksmith companies I was working with when they sent me to a job where I had to remove a Nissan or Ford Escort ignition in order to fix it or to originate a new key. What gave me the aggravation doing those type of jobs was trying to remove the roll pins in order to remove the ignition cylinder. I got a tip from a fellow locksmith technician to drill a 3/32" or an 18" hole along side of the roll pin and then using a blunted ice pick or scratch awl, in order to pry the pin up and out. Not only it was very difficult, I often ended up with holes in my hands or fingers when the ice pick slipped, or I would inconsistently cut myself on a sliver of metal when the ice pick slipped and gouged the housing. In any event, removing these ignitions has been a pain for me.

Now, what I did in order to modify the method a little bit was still drilling the hole beside the roll pin, but instead of using an ice pick or scratch awl, I use a #10 or a 815 Torx screwdriver. Usually, those pins will come right out on the first try  while using the Torx and my fingers would be unharmed. It was amazing how the Torx screwdrivers have turned what usually be a thirty minute job into a ten minute job for me. If  any technician will try this method, I he or she will be surprised at how well it works. Although I have not yet broken Torx driver, I do use the ones that have a lifetime guarantee.

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