Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Toyota Camry Ignition

According to the locksmith company who sent me the job, the ignition on a 2000 Camry was changed and it didn't match the rest of the car. The owner refused to let me remove the steering wheel so I could get my face close enough to read the wafers on the in–dash lock and no amount of picking worked. With the steering wheel in the way, drilling was not possible because of the angle, and impressioning broke two keys.

What finally worked beyond my expectations, was attacking the retainer with a Dremmel #193 end mill (A #194 may have worked better, but all I had was the #193). Since I did not allow the bit to cool off, the end mill bit eventually melted the tip, but not before drilling a bull’s-eye down the center of the retainer. I finished it off with a grinding stone total of actual drilling time, less than two minutes and the ignition slipped right out

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